1. Provides widest available shoulder coverage in the industry.
2. Three NBR (nitrile) lip contact barrier points.
(-20ºF to 225ºF) (-28.8C to 107C)
3. Oversized double-walled, reinforced metal OD.
4. Corrosion proof spacers feature multiple vent  holes for enhanced lubrication.
5. Designed for installation with genuine TRISEAL commercial grade tools or Insta-Tool® —
TRISEAL’s patented disposable tools.
6. Meets or exceeds performance and warranty features of CR Scotseal Classic, National 37000 Series and Stemco Voyager Series.
1. Provides superior sealing benefits on damaged and worn axle shoulders.
2. Superior contamination exclusion system prevents seal lip damage and provides excellent temperature range capabilities.
3. Durable, heavy construction provides effective heat transfer away from the sealing lip. Oversized metal OD eliminates spinning or walking of the seal out of the hub bore and includes black bore sealant.
4. Provides free flow of lubricant to the sealing lip and insures a longer, trouble-free service life.
5. Righest volume steer, drive and trailer axle seals are available with low-cost disposable tools to insure proper and effective installation. Great for DIY’s and service trucks.