1. Lay down polymer impregnated leather lip performs better in difficult and harsh conditions.
(-65ºF,-55ºC / 170ºF, 77ºC)
2. Oversized double-walled, reinforced metal OD, and galvanized inner and outer cases.
3. Additional corrosion proof contaminant exclusion wiper.
4. Standard service and HD Severe Service sleeves available.
5. Designed for installation with commercial grade tools and patented Insta-Tool® disposable tools.
6. Meets or exceeds performance and warranty features of Stemco’s Grit Guard series.
1. Outperforms nitrile seals in cold and contaminated environments. Performs well with all natural & synthetic oils and greases. Embeddable seal lip absorbs grit.
2. Oversized metal OD directs heat transfer away from lip into the hub bore. Galvanized inner and outer cases are corrosion proof and coated with black bore sealant.
3. Additional contaminant wiper— a value added feature not offered by competitive models.
4. Severe Service sleeve protects the hub from damage during seal removal and provides a new running surface for worn or damaged axle spindles.
5. Seal and Sleeves are compatible with competitor’s 2-piece installation tools. Insta-Tool® is perfect for DIYs, service trucks, and small fleets.